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Landscape: Free horizon in every direction
Weather: Clouds: 6/8, Southeast 18 m/s, heavy rain
Temp: 16 degrees
Distance: 73 km
Average distance: 72 km
Total distance: 1576 km
Position: 31.721306, -16.900728
Health/emotions: We both feel OK, eager to reach Madeira.

Description of the day

In the morning we decided to start rowing again, although the weather was still difficult. We were soaked both from breaking waves and from rain, but it feels good to make some progress towards Madeira. We realized today that this is the closest we have been to land this year!

Coalition Clean Baltic- Save the baltic porpoise

To protect the porpoises in the large Swedish Natura 2000 area is very important to give the population a chance to recover. At CCB, we are now working together with authorities and stakeholders to look at suitable conservation measures for this area. In this work, we need your help to convince the politicians that protecting the Baltic Proper harbour porpoise is important, so that they make the right decision about the management of this new Natura 2000 area.

We need this area to be completed with effective management measures, so that harbour porpoises can raise their young in peace. Help us tell our decision-makers to save the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise by using the hashtag #RäddaTumlaren or #SavetheBalticPorpoise in social media. Also, if you spot a harbour porpoise at sea, please report it to your national reporting hub.


With trauma you lose yourself, with recovery you find yourself.


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