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Landscape: Free horizon in every direction
Weather: Clouds 1/8, south 15 m/s
Temp: 16 degrees
Distance: 85 km
Average distance: 70 km
Total distance: 1268 km
Position: 29.38301,-15.449224
Health/emotions: We’re disappointed,  frustrated and tired. Moral is low. Southerly winds as low as the Canaries is crazy wind conditions…

Description of the day

All night and morning we both made a heroic effort to get as far south as possible before the wind shifted, to have any chance at reaching the Canaries. At sunrise the wind picked up force and then shifted south, and after an hour we found ourselves in 15 m/s winds pushing us northwest. It became pointless and risky to row, so we decided to set up the rudder for drifting as much west as possible and get some well deserved rest and recovery. Southernly winds are very rare in this area, but the forecast says that we will have these conditions for the coming seven or eight days. All we can do now is accept that we couldn’t land on the Canary Islands, and refocus towards Antigua.

Coalition Clean Baltic- Save the baltic porpoise

PCBs, poly-chlorated biphenyls, are a group of contaminants that can cause many problems in living organisms. These substances bioaccumulate, which means that the levels of PCBs in for example a porpoise increase throughout its lifetime.

PCBs accumulate in living organisms, including harbour porpoises, mainly because it is fat-soluble and is stored in fatty tissue. A male harbour porpoise will therefore have higher levels of PCBs in his tissues and organs the older he gets. However, a female harbour porpoise will, after reaching 3-4 years of age, give birth to a calf every or every other year, and she will then transfer part of her PCB load to the calf, especially through the fatty milk that she uses to feed her calf for the first few months of its life.


The actual meaningful things are those made from struggle.


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