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Landskap: Fri horisont åt varje håll
Väder: Moln 2/8, nordöst 9 m/s
Temp: 18 grader
Distans: 78 km
Genomsnittlig distans: 69 km
Total distans: 1028 km
Position: 30.826242,-14.369881
Hälsa/känslor: En lugn dag, vi klarar oss bra!

Beskrivning av dagen

The morning greeted us with high winds and some pretty rough waves from the side, so we decided to spend time on maintenance and general cleaning while waiting for better conditions. After a few hours the weather calmed down, the sun came out and we got some good rowing done. We can’t wait to get to the Canaries, and have some time and space to prepare for the big crossing!

Coalition Clean Baltic- Rädda Östersjötumlaren

With an effective management, the Swedish marine protected area could be instrumental for the recovery of the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise. However, to date there are no practical conservation measures in place for this area, although closures of static net fisheries are underway.

The protected area “Hoburgs bank och Midsjöbankarna” is very important for the Baltic Proper harbour porpoise population. The SAMBAH project results show that this is where animals spend most of their time during May-October, which is when harbour porpoises in the Baltic Region mate and the females give birth to their calves.


The amplitude between misery and joy is what gives value to life.


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